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Welcome to the P&C Portal

The P&C Portal provides you with access to a variety of services from the P&C Federation. The P&C Portal is available to members and non-members to access basic resources and services, including insurance information, purchases and renewals.
For member P&C Associations, the portal also provides exclusive member-only access to resources and services designed to assist you in the day-to-day operations of your P&C Association.  The portal provides access to a wide variety of resources including: 

  • Helpful tips and learning resources for office bearers. 
  • Template policies and procedures for governance and commercial operations. 
  • Meeting templates and guidebooks.
  • Insurance information, purchases, renewals and notifications through our partner, Andrews Insurance. 
  • Advice on insurance and merit selection panels. 
  • Exclusive publications including the e-Bulletin, Journal, webinars and latest news.
  • Resources and information from the Department of Education and other education stakeholders. 

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